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We provide training courses and study visits to help companies develop and become more efficient!

In last ten years Addenda has:

  • provided more than 1400 training courses and seminars
  • trained more than 28 000 person
  • consulted more than 5000 companies and persons
  • organized more 20 international conferences
  • organized more than 30 study visits to different countries
  • developed programs and hosted 12 international groups in Estonia.

We organize trainings in subjects as leadership management, constructional management, financial management, project management etc. including the study-visits to different countries.

We have been with groups so far for example in Hong Kong (China), Beijing and Shanghai (China), Japan, USA, Great Britain, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Germany, Denmark, Finland etc.  We have hosted groups from Finland, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Romania, Italy!

Our clients are private companies and state institutions in and out from Estonia.

In addition to our everyday professional courses we have arranged a variety of motivation trainings! The purpose of many incentive programs is of course to develop a stronger sense of team spirit and to challenge your staff to think outside the box and be creative. Addenda has organized a range of team building activities from the fun and treasure hunts to more complex challenges that test the initiative, team working, coordination and physical capabilities of your team. The main thing - each participant of training receives a drop of pleasure and enthusiasm that gives positive energy to proceed positively on their workplace.

An international study visit is a personal visit to one or more institutions which is designed to look at a specific project or your area of work or examine a particular issue or question.  The broad purpose of any visit is to gain a greater understanding of a local issue from an international context. Organising a study visit can be an immensely rewarding experience both for you as an individual and for your institution.  There are many reasons why this is true, but here are just a few: 

  • Professional development – a study visit will enhance the skills you bring to your work and your knowledge of other ways of tackling similar problems.
  • Benefits your institution – by bringing back fresh ideas you can help move forward the strategic direction of your institution.
  • Benefits those institutions you visit – a properly organised study visit will allow those who you visit to learn something from your experiences of working in Estonia.
  • Personal career enhancement – in addition to helping develop your professional skills and knowledge, many institutions look favourably upon applicants who are aware of the international context of Higher Education.
  • Other personal benefits – apart from the benefits to your career, international travel and the opportunity to discuss mutual concerns with people from different backgrounds is a benefit in itself; and hopefully you will have some fun too!

Estonia is a challenging destination! Our quick development has amazed not only Europe but also other countries! Our professional project managers are ready to develop a tailor made program for you study visit to see what we have done, to learn from our knowledge and experiences.

Our training is more than a training!

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