Õppevisiit Taani - energiasäästlikud projektid ja ehitus (VÄLJA MÜÜDUD)




Pildid / - Taani1


Seekordne õppevisiidi teema on energiasäästlikud projektid ja ehitus. Õppereisi koolituskava annab inseneripunkte, kava on hindamisel. 


Õppevisiit sobib ehitajatele, projekteerijatele, arhitektidele, planeerijatele, ehtusspetsialistidele, kes tegelevad energiasäästlike ehitusprojektide projekteerimise ja ehitamisega. 


KAVA (õppekeel on inglise keel)

29 May, 15:20-15:50, Tallinn (TLL) - Helsinki (HEL), AY1020/
29 May, 17:55-18:35, Helsinki (HEL T:2) - Copenhagen (CPH), AY959/

01 Jun, 16:55 - 19:20, Copenhagen-Tallinn  BT 812    

29. mai 2022
13:30 Kogunemine lennujaamas
15:15 Lend Tallinn–Kopenhaagen
16:30 Transfeer hotelli 
20:00 Õhtusöök restoranis VAGO

30th of May ØRESTAD / HARBOR TOUR (09:00 – 17:00)
09:00 Hotel lobby Meet & introduction by Architekt Bo Christiansen + 45 21 68 54 39

09:30 BLOX; OMA – interior visit BLOX - byliv, arkitektur og bæredygtighed | BLOX
Theme – complex steel construction. Danish steelprize 2018

10:30 SEB Bank & Pension; Lundgaard & Tranberg Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter (
Theme – 2 sculpturel insitu made buildings

11:15 Gemini Residence; MVRDV / JJW Architects Gemini Residence - Danish Architecture Center - DAC
Theme – candilivered new housing on reused concrete silos

12:00 Metropolis Tower; Future Systems / Danielsens Architects Metropolis - Danish Architecture Center - DAC
Theme – vertical landmark concrete tower

13:00 Lunch cafe 8TALLET

8-HOUSE, BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group Robert Jacobsensvej 70A 8 House - Danish Architecture Center - DAC
Theme – 60.000 m2 superblock as a `Mountain village`

14:00 VM Houses / Mountain Houses, 2005 & 2008, PLOT = JDS + BIG VM Houses / BIG + JDS | ArchDaily
Theme – high diversity of plan typologies

15:00 Tietgen Studenthousing, 2006 Lundgaard & Tranberg The Tietgen Student Hall | Tietgenkollegiet Interior visit
Theme – vision of creating the student dormitory of the future

16:00 Paper Island; COBE Architects - In construction Cobe - Paper Island
Theme – new luxury housing with public recreation

16:30 Playhouse; Lundgaard & tranbergvisit of lobby  Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter (
Theme – Innovative energy solutions

17:00 Tour ends / Bus to hotel
19:00 Free time

31th of May TOUR (09:00 – 17:00)
09:00 Hotel lobby Meet & introduction Architekt Bo Christiansen + 45 21 68 54 39 

09:30 MAERSK TOWER; C. F. Moller Architects Maersk Tower, extension of the Panum complex at the University of Copenhagen - Projects - C.F. Møller (
Theme – Landmark building for reserach for Medicine

10:30 Light Hall; Vandkunsten Architects  Lethallen - Danish Architecture Center - DAC
Theme – wodden construction for a skate hall

11:30 THE SILO; COBE Architects   Cobe - The Silo
Theme – transformation of a grain silo to individual high end condominiums

Frihavnstårnet Silo; Praksis Architects  Frihavnstårnet - Danish Architecture Center - DAC
Theme – transformation of a grain silo to appartments

Portland towers
Theme – candilivered office add on to excisting silos

 Lüders Fitness Roof; JA JA Architects Konditaget Lüders: Best view of the city - Danish Architecture Center - DAC
Theme – space for public recreation on top of a parking garage and recycling station

13:00 Lunch at KAMPOT –

14:30 PRISM; Dorthe Mandrup Architects The Prism - Danish Architecture Center - DAC
Theme – light construction for public sport / culture

15:30 Copenhill; BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group Welcome to CopenHill | CopenHill Elevator to the top walk down
Theme – a ski piste on top of an incenorator for burning garbage for the heating district system of the city

17:00 Tour ends / Bus to hotel
19:00  Dinner in restaurant SSAM KOREA FOOD BAR

1th of June
9:00 -11:30 Meeting in BLOXHUB 

Topic - We use our "What If? 2030" model

The model is basically designed to free the collective imagination of a group of people (could be from companies, institutions, organizations, and public sector). As a wrap up we will imagine and paint a joint picture of how the city could ideally look like in the future year of 2030. From there we work backwards, identifying barriers to overcome and actions to take to reach the `dream` future of the city.

The "What If?" model is an efficient way to unleash people`s fantasy and get constructive debate about the need for a future sustainable city. The model can be used by any organization to co-create the future we want – for a sector, a city, an organization etc. Instead of focusing on current challenges, tensions, different interests etc. which often takes over the discussion when working with multi-stakeholder initiatives and partnerships, the "What If?" approach focuses on joint goals and visions – which makes the spirit and foundation for any collaboration much more positive, constructive, and creative.

Sustainable as Standard - Value-based Design Leadership

With an extensive knowledge of Copenhagen at our disposal, we offer our clients customized consultancy services to highlight Copenhagen’s inspiring urbanism concepts as a model for increased competitiveness, innovation, and cross-disciplinary collaboration in cities around the world.

  • We specialize in urban development and planning frameworks reflected in the ideologies of Denmark’s value-based society.
  • In accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are committed to supporting urban leaders with comprehensive research, strategies and solutions for sustainable governance.
  • We work to inspire urban leaders with new knowledge on urban solutions that respond to our current public and environmental health challenges.

All of our projects are unique; every new client and their needs are different and we tailor our approach to meet these requirements. If you are looking for new strategies or solutions that support and sustain social vitality, resiliency, and healthy urban environments – we would love to hear from you!

“Bridging the Gap”- from case studies to professional practice healthy urban environments – we would love to hear from you!

One of our primary forms of consultancy programs is grounded in our workshop, “Bridging the Gap” – a leadership framework to translate case study success criteria from Scaledenmark tours to value-creating strategies in your own city.

We want to ensure that our clients feel empowered to apply the design knowledge gained from analyzing Copenhagen’s sustainable solutions.

We provide participants with an action-oriented approach to implement holistic design strategies generated from relevant case study models to deliver similar value-based urban strategies through their professional practice.

Services include:

  • Analysis, strategy and success criteria
  • Team building and co-creation
  • Engagement and development processes
  • Design ideation and phasing proposal

12:00 Lunch
14:00 Transfer to the Airport
16:55 Lend Kopenhaagen–Tallinn

Aeg ja maht

 29. mai 2022– 1. juuni 2022. 


Kopenhaagen, Taani.



Pildid / - Bo Christiansen

Bo Christiansen, Architect maa Scaledenmark

Cand. Arch., School of Architecture, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, 1993
Master of Architecture, University of Washington, Seattle USA, 1996
Member of AA – Architects Association of Denmark
Further education CAD, Microstaion



Õppevisiidi eest väljastame Teile kaks arvet:

  • lennupiletid, transfeerid ja majutuse teenus 828 € (ei lisandu km) 
  • koolitusteenus 960 € + km

Maksumus sisaldab

  • lennupiletid turistiklassis ja käsipagas ning äraantav pagas 20kg
  • transfeerid lennujaamast hotelli ja tagasi
  • majutamine kahekesi toas hotellis Absalon Hotel
  • kohalikud transfeerid objektidele ja väljasõitudele
  • lektorite teenused inglise keeles
  • objektide külastused 
  • korraldaja/grupijuhi teenus Eestist
  • 3 lõunasööki ja 2 õhtusööki

Lisatasu eest:

  • tervise- ja reisitõrkekindlustus 
  • majutamine üheses toas lisamakse 230 € 


Õppereisist loobumisel kuni 30 päeva enne reisi toimumist kuulub tasumisele 100% reisi maksumusest.



Pildid / - 2014 Virve Roosimägi v

Virve Roosimägi
+372 51 41 296



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