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In spite of all the differences in different countries and continents a study visit is always a useful way to gain knowledge and share experiences. It is one of the best ways to learn from practice to save time for not invent a bicycle.

We have been with groups so far for example in Hong Kong (China), Beijing and Shanghai (China), Japan, USA, Great Britain, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Germany, Denmark, Finland etc. We have hosted groups from Finland, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Romania, Italy!

Innovation Creates Success

Innovation creates success and being innovative in your business is one of the keys to being successful. Innovation is the introduction of new processes, new ways of doing things and revolutionising how things have been accomplished previously. Innovation isn't just about improvement; it's much more than that. Improvement is taking what you have and making it better - doing more of the same but better, whereas innovation is about ...

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